Hallys produces the integration of high speed and high precision technologies.

Total solution provider for converting technology such as cutting, application and attachment :HALLYS

Equipments development makes added value of integration of high speed and high precision.

Our main business is development, production and sale of automated, laborsaving machinery, thin glass fine process machinery, LCD and semiconductor jisso machinery, several laminators and so on.

Hallys meets your requests with our unique control system and Equipments technology based on High Speed and High Precision production process by Roll to Roll and Roll to Sheet.

PickUp News
Announcement of Filing Patent Infringement Litigation

We, Hallys Corporation filed the patent infringement litigation, on August 16, 2017 against a defendant, PDT Corporation duly organized and existing in Korea, at Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court.

・Announcement of Filing Patent Infringement Litigation

PickUp Product
Glass processing equipment

HGM (Hallys Glass Processing Machine) is grinding machine for glass edges of cover glass and glass substrate for touch panel which for use of Smart phone, Tablet PC, Note PC..


Pickup Technology
CAMDE Hallys developed technology "CAMDE" is unit to realize attachment and fabrication in ultra high speed and high precision. (patent no.3739752, registered in USA, UK, Germany, Italy, China, Korea)
Hallys achievement projects lists
Sanitary Products Car Medical Electrical, electron and RFID
  • Production line such as diaper
  • Antenna attachment machinery
  • speed plaster products cutting and stacking machinery
  • Laminating machinery for protection film to panel top
  • Thin glass grinding machinery
  • IC strap attachment machinery